Introductory Post

Thanks for stopping by my new blog — Invisible Laws.  In this introductory post, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself; explain what inspires me; and let you know what you can expect from this site.

I’m an IT executive who has spent the last 30 years helping a number of global enterprises manage their technology.  I have been fortunate to have worked through all of the major IT eras from Mainframes to the current day of Web 2.0.  While the majority of my experience has focused on the management of global infrastructure, I’ve also led development teams and, early in my career, served in technical roles as a Systems Administrator and Programmer.  Over the course of my career I have had particular interest in the areas of operations automation, reliability, organizational effectiveness, and, recently, social media.

My basic worldview is that IT professionals can improve their effectiveness by drawing inspiration from other disciplines and by practicing their trade in a more evidence-based manner.  Rather than focusing solely on the nuts and bolts of technology, we would be better served by also gaining an understanding of psychology, economics, statistics, and history.

Some of the major figures who have influenced my thinking include:  Francis Bacon, Adam Smith, F.A Hayek, Frederic Bastiat, Danny Kahneman, and Thomas Gilovich.  The big ideas that inspire me include cognitive biases, probability theory, emergent order, tacit knowledge, organizational structure, and human factors engineering.

In this blog, I plan to examine these ideas from an historical perspective, applying them to the IT conversations of the day.  I expect to post 1-2 article length items a week.  Please stop by and join the conversation.  If you leave your email address, I will let you know when I post new content.  No spam — I promise.

All the best,


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