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Bits vs. Atoms – The Driver of Many IT Trends

It’s almost the halfway point of 2013 and time for pundits to take stock of their New Year’s predictions. Sadly, you are unlikely to see this, unless of course the pundit happened to be “dead on” with most of their guesses. As the great Yogi Berra… Read more

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The Boston Marathon Tragedy – Standing Strong In The Face of Terrorism

The barrage of tragic images continues to haunt us. The horrible pictures and video show people’s lives painfully altered in a split second. The sickening accounts pour forward from eyewitnesses and trauma surgeons. The stark and depressing shots of… Read more

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Weak Evidence – Folklore, Pseudoscience and Superstition

Last week, in this blog, I covered the topic of scientific research. In a post, I described the most common forms of research as well as how they differ in terms of the strength of evidence that they provide. I thought it was important for lay… Read more

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The London Whale, Operational Maturity and Microsoft Excel

Last year, JPMorgan Chase made the startling admission that they lost approximately $5.8 billion due to bad trading decisions at a relatively small unit based in London. This event, that has come to be known as the London Whale Affair, was a black… Read more

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Technology and our Quality of Life

Is our quality of life better than it was 30 years ago? Will it continue to advance, or will it stagnate and actually decline? These, and many similar philosophical questions have been debated for centuries. Whether in research journals, news… Read more

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