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“If I Can Imagine It, It Must Be Likely” – The Availability Heurisitic

We live in a world filled with news stories about frightening tragedies and potential risks. In just the past six months, we had a horrifying school shooting and a sickening bombing at a marathon. We’ve been threatened by a rogue regime with nuclear… Read more

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The Boston Marathon Tragedy – Standing Strong In The Face of Terrorism

The barrage of tragic images continues to haunt us. The horrible pictures and video show people’s lives painfully altered in a split second. The sickening accounts pour forward from eyewitnesses and trauma surgeons. The stark and depressing shots of… Read more

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Size Does Matter After All

In a recent post, I blogged about the limits of scientific research. I looked at various errors that researchers committed that impacted the accuracy or relevance of studies and experiments. While these errors in fact occur, even in studies reported… Read more

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The Dog That Didn’t Bark

In the classic short story, Silver Blaze, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle chronicles the mystery of the kidnapping of a prize race horse. Doyle’s iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes, is summoned to investigate the crime. Holmes famously solves the case by… Read more

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Greek Tragedies in Modern Times

The news that David Petraeus has resigned his position as Director of the CIA, has us quietly shaking our heads. A distinguished Army commander, mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, would have his career cut short by scandal and his… Read more

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