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Human Nature – Friend and Enemy of Process Improvement

Human beings are a fantastic lot, evolved to a separate plane from the remaining animal kingdom.  We are inspired to be creative, enjoy solving complex problems and constantly seek to better our lot.  As best we know, no other species has the… Read more

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Siri – The Talk Of The Town

There is a huge amount of hype surrounding Siri, Apple’s new voice assistant for the iPhone.  I’ll leave it to the numerous gadget sites to do a thorough hands-on review of it’s capabilities.  Instead, I’d like to take a historical view of user… Read more

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Steve Jobs and Al Davis: Bay Area Icons With Some Uncanny Links

Back in January of 1984, Apple introduced their Macintosh computer in a now historical ad during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XVIII.  The Macintosh of course would become the first of many transformative products for Steve Jobs and Apple.  One… Read more

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Cloud Computing – Paradigm Shift or Deja Vu?

Last week in New York, I spoke at a dinner attended by IT executives from a number of Fortune 50 firms. I presented on the challenges that enterprises face balancing innovation with controls.  It’s a topic that’s top of mind with IT executives, and… Read more

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My Thoughts on Steve Jobs’s Resignation

It is ironic that my post last week talked about a phenomenon known as Leadership Attribution Bias.  In that post, I described how people have a tendency to overweight a leader’s contribution to the effectiveness of an organization.  Steve Jobs is… Read more

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