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Siri – The Talk Of The Town

There is a huge amount of hype surrounding Siri, Apple’s new voice assistant for the iPhone.  I’ll leave it to the numerous gadget sites to do a thorough hands-on review of it’s capabilities.  Instead, I’d like to take a historical view of user… Read more

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Cloud Computing – Paradigm Shift or Deja Vu?

Last week in New York, I spoke at a dinner attended by IT executives from a number of Fortune 50 firms. I presented on the challenges that enterprises face balancing innovation with controls.  It’s a topic that’s top of mind with IT executives, and… Read more

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There is a Free Lunch – New Growth Theory

Another gloomy week passes by, with no resolution for the deficit crisis.  There’s talk of a potential downgrade to the US credit rating, with subsequent increases in interest rates.  The stock market reacted harshly, with the Dow Jones… Read more

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A Fascinating Week for Tech News

The debt limit battle currently in progress in Washington has cast a pall over the United States and global economies.  Even prior to this fight, pundits were starting to talk about a possible double-dip recession and a technology “bubble” about to… Read more

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Google Plus – Disruption in the Blink of an Eye

We are truly living in amazing times.  The pace of introduction of innovative technology products continues to increase.  Just when it looks like a company has first mover advantage and a seemingly unshakeable market-dominant position, a… Read more

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