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Jeremy Lin – Lessons in Culture, Management and Teamwork

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve certainly heard the story of Jeremy Lin. Three weeks ago, he was a struggling pro basketball player, sleeping on his brother’s couch and hoping to avoid being cut from his team, the New York Knicks…. Read more

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Envisioning Big, Complex Things

In the book The Number Sense: How the Mind Create Mathematics, the professor and researcher Stanislas Dehaene explores how the brain shapes our mathematical abilities. He reviews studies that explore crude calculating capabilities in rats, monkeys… Read more

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Human Nature – Friend and Enemy of Process Improvement

Human beings are a fantastic lot, evolved to a separate plane from the remaining animal kingdom.  We are inspired to be creative, enjoy solving complex problems and constantly seek to better our lot.  As best we know, no other species has the… Read more

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Management Lessons From Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il, the iconoclastic dictator of North Korea, passed away this week at the age of 69.  The press has had a field day, recounting tales of the cartoonish Kim that are one part pure evil and one part absurdity.  For 19 years, Kim ruled over… Read more

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Yellow Fever, Folklore, Science and Management

In 1793, the city of Philadelphia was terrorized by an epidemic of Yellow Fever.  The disease ravaged the city, killing about 5,000 people, approximately 10% of the population.  Although the disease had been seen in the Americas as early as the… Read more

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